After the distribution meeting we assign you to the university that you have chosen.

You will get all the necessary information from the Erasmus coordinator of the receiving institute.


Attention! Application always has a deadline! Please check the date on the website of the receiving university. Normally you will get all the information about the application procedure from the coordinator of the receiving university. If not, please contact them.  

Before your mobility:

Please harmonise your study programme: check the curriculum and fill in the “Learning Agreement for study” .

You have to inform the Foreign Students’ Secretariat about your Erasmus Mobility and visit the departments and ask their permission to recognize your studies and accept your exam abroad. The certificate about your Erasmus+ mobility will be issued in the EU programme Office.

After filling in the LA for Study, you have to send it to the receiving institute together with your study plan (subjects/courses and duration). This document can be downloaded from the receiving institution’s website. In case the university does not have its own Learning Agreement, you can download it from our website (available under the menus “Hallgatói mobilitás” → “Szükséges nyomtatványok”) and fill it in. Unless the completed document is signed by coordinator of Semmelweis and stamped with the official seal, it is not valid, therefore will not be accepted. The signing of the document might take several days, therefore you should take that into consideration keeping the deadline in mind! Please fill in the B-chart of the “I. PROPOSED MOBILITY PROGRAMME” according to what courses you would like to have accepted.

Before starting the mobility programme you should have a version signed by the host institution’s coordinator, thus proving their willingness to accept you. After receiving the document, please forward it to The contract will be sent to you afterwards.

During your mobility you need to complete courses with an accumulated value of at least 15 credits, and at least one course/subject has to be accepted by Semmelweis University. These are the requirements of the Erasmus Office and the Tempus Public Foundation. However, the different faculties might have different requirements; you should get information from the Dean’s Offices. According to the new regulation, your courses done during the mobility have to be recognized by Semmelweis University. It is recommended to coordinate with the departmental groups regarding the possible courses/exams that are recognized (the more, the better), as you will have to take exams abroad because of the 15-credit minimum requirement. The proof of the acquired Erasmus+ grant can be received from the Erasmus Office.

  • OLS, Online Linquistic Support

OLS supports the participants of the Erasmus+ programme in order to ensure that they reach the highest linguistic knowledge possible. Filling out the test is OBLIGATORY, and we provide you with an access code!
In case of a B1 or lower evaluation, you can participate in an on-line language course.
After returning from the mobility, the test has to be completed again as the European Union would like to know how much progress you made during your mobility.


Before starting the mobility, an agreement has to be signed between you and Semmelweis University. This agreement is signed between the university and all those students who get a grant. The document will be sent to you via e-mail and you will have to e-mail it back to the following address: The subject line of the letter should be your name written in capital letters! It has to be filled out in an electronic format, we cannot accept agreements filled in by hand! The agreement can be signed in the Erasmus Office during office hours.

  • Money transfer/grant

The grant is transferred in Euros. The transfer is made 4-5 weeks after you have signed the agreement. We can make transfers from the beginning of August and September, but we cannot initiate transfers between the beginning of December and the end of January.


We suggest that you get in touch with the local ESN or the organisation handling Erasmus students before you start your mobility. They will help you find accommodation and can recommend programmes.

After the mobility:


After returning, you must fill in the questionnaire of the Tempus Public Foundation. You will automatically receive a notifying email after the returning date indicated in your agreement. You will not get a notification about the OLS test, but it is also OBLIGATORY to complete it after the mobility as well.


Write a short, maximum 1-page-long report on your experiences and send it to us via e-mail! This will be very useful for student participating in the mobility programme the following years! The report will also be published on our website.


After the mobility you must hand in the parts of the Learning Agreement titled “During the Mobility”, “After the Mobility” and Certificate of Attendance at the Erasmus Office. The Certificate of Attendance can be downloaded from our website (available under the menus “Hallgatói mobilitás” → “Szükséges nyomtatványok”).


We are collecting postcards! Please send us one!
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