The Erasmus+ teaching mobility programme offers teachers the opportunity to teach in a partner institution abroad. The partner institution can host teaching staff within the framework of the mobility programme between 5 days and 2 weeks.

The aim of the mobility programme is to exchange knowledge and experience between teachers and institutions, and to improve the available training programmes.

Application criteria

Application is subject to the conditions set by the institution and there is no deadline:

  • Hungarian citizenship (or either with a permanent residence permit or as a refugee in Hungary)
  • Full-time or part-time lecturer at Semmelweis University
  • The employee’s mobility is supported by  the direct supervisor
  • Duration: minimum 5 days, maximum 2 weeks
      • The mobility can last longer, up to 2 months, but financial support can be provided only for 2 weeks
  • Priority will be given to first-time Erasmus grant beneficiaries
  • Number of hours taught: minimum 8 hours per week
  • Location: ECHE-certified higher education institution with which Semmelweis University has an Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement
      • if the institution is not a partner institution of Semmelweis University, it is possible to sign an Inter Institutional Agreement before the mobility
  • The outgoing employee arranges accommodation abroad and organises the trip abroad

Application procedure

1. Exploring mobility opportunities

The content of the mobility and the educational activity must be agreed individually and directly with the partner institution.

2. Checking the available financial support

The financial support consists of a living allowance and a travel allowance. The financial support can be used freely for the mobility. It is also possible to apply for other opportunities providing specific financial support.

The transfer of the financial support will take about 3-4 weeks after handing in the complete application package.


3. Getting in touch with the institutional coordinator

Please contact Dr. Nóra Schreiberné Seres, institutional coordinator of Semmelweis University at with a detailed description of the venue and date of your planned mobility.

4. Preparation of the application package

The application package consists of the following documents:

      • work plan in English or the language of education abroad with the signatures and stamps of the direct supervisor and the host (TEACHING AGREEMENT)
      • motivational letter, detailing the personal and institutional benefits of the mobility
      • CV
      • completed application form
      • certificate of employment
      • grant agreement (the applicant will receive it after submitting the complete application package)


5. Before submitting the application

Before submitting the application package, the applicant has to send the following completed but not signed documents to the institutional coordinator for verification:

      • Teaching Agreement
      • Application form
6. Submitting the application

After verification, the following documents have to be sent to the institutional coordinator:

      • Teaching Agreement
      • motivational letter
      • completed application form signed by all parties
      • CV
      • certificate of employment

After submitting the application package via email, the applicant will receive the grant agreement from the International Mobility Office.

The application can only be considered valid if the application form is completed and the work plan (Teaching Agreement) is approved by the host!

After completing and signing 2 copies of the grant agreement it has to be submitted to the International Mobility Office along with the following original documents:

        • original certificate of employment
        • the original version of the signed and completed application form
        • Teaching Agreement (signed by the applicant and the direct supervisor)
        • signed grant agreement in 2 copies
7. Transfer of financial support

Transferring the financial support takes 3-4 weeks after all three parties have signed the grant agreement. The amount will be transferred in euros.

After the mobility

1. Certificate

The completed, signed and stamped Certificate of Attendance has to be submitted to the International Mobility Office.


2. Reports

You will receive an e-mail with a link to an EU Survey, which is used to evaluate the programme. The survey has to be completed within 30 days after receiving the e-mail.

The participant must submit a written report including photos to the e-mail address within 30 days after the mobility. The report must contain how the individual, the department and the university as a whole benefit from the mobility as well as the way of sharing the newly acquired knowledge within Semmelweis University.