1. Consultation before application

We kindly ask you to read the entire call for applications.


2. Choosing your filed of practice and destination

If you want to apply for a traineeship mobility, think it over, what type of practice you would like to do and in which  country. Experience reports can also provide assistance in making your choice. You can even change the preferences indicated on the application form later.

Experience report

The list of participating countries in the program can be found in the call for applications.

3. Online registration

The first step of the application procedure is the online registration in the so-called SOP system.
Registration period: 12 June 2024 – 26 June 2024 

Registration must be completed by the deadline, otherwise the application will not be considered.



Application procedure

I. Filling in the form and sending it

Fill in the form (Application for a student exchange), and send it by hitting the “Send Application” button.

II. Registration

After submission, you will receive an email with a link. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to the SOP online application platform. You can log into you own application form after entering your password.

III. Finalizing your registration

In your own SOP platform you can finalize your application by clicking on the “Completed Personal data” button. The deadline for finalization is 26 June 2024.

IV. Technical check by the Mobility Office

After registration, the Mobility Office will check your eligibility for application.

V. Certificates and scores

Gather all the documents and certificates that will give you extra points (eg. language certifiate, membership in student union, nursing activities, scientific activities, etc). Upload these documents with comprehensive names. The accepted activities, the points you can get for them and the acceptable supporting documents are listed in the scores table. You also have to upload the copy of your valid registration card (for EU citizens and citizens of Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Lichtenstein) or your residence permit (for non-EU citizens) or Hungarian address card.


4. The Mobility Office checks the uploaded certificates

After uploading the certificates and other necessary documents and filling in the application form, the Mobility Office will check and manually pass the applicant in the application system. Afterwards, print and sign the application form, which then must be scanned and uploaded to the system. The printed original version must be delivered to the Mobility Office.

The deadline for uploading the signed the application form  is 12 July 2024, 12:00 

Please, do not make ANY changes in the system afterwards!

5. Corrections and missing documents

You can be asked to make corrections once, such as sending in missing documents or certificates. These should be sent electronically to the Mobility Office within two working days of submission. When checking the application the institutional coordinator will notify you via email if there are any documents missing. If the applicant fails to correct the error, does not correct it properly or submits an overdue correction, the application will be rejected without further consideration.

6. Selection of the winning applications

A committee made up of the delegates of the Directorate of International Relations and the faculties evaluate the applications 31 July 2024 the latest. The University aims to provide the most talented students with the opportunity to study abroad, so academic achievement, academic, professional and community activities, and language skills are determining factors in the selection of the winners.

From the applicants who meet the application requirements but do not receive scholarship support, a reserve list is prepared based on the scores achieved. This reserve list is created in case a winning applicant withdraws, encounters any other obstacle preventing participation in the program, or if the application decision becomes invalid according to the regulations outlined in this policy.

Students must obtain a minimum of 100 points for a successful application.

The applicants are notified about the results via email by the Mobility Office.

7. Appeal

If the student does not agree with the preliminary scores (calculated differently, does not understand why), they can submit a written appeal to the International Relations Directorate through the Mobility Office. The appeal must include the information necessary to identify the application and the subject of the complaint. The appeal will be submitted to a committee consisting of the Director of International Relations and the faculty coordinators. The committee decide on the appeal within 5 working days of submission.

If the successful applicant does not wish to use the grant awarded, or does not wish to participate in the program despite a successful application, he/she must inform the Mobility Office immediately in writing. The application decision will no longer be valid for this student.