Your study mobility is coming to an end. What do you need to do before departure and after returning home to have all the required documents for the successful completion of the mobility?

1. Certificates

At the host institution, you will have to have a traineeship certificate and a certificate of achievement signed, i.e. the “After the Mobility” part of the Training Agreement, which indicates the traineeship you have completed and its duration. Please note that the dates should be identical with was written in your Before the Mobility. If there is difference in the duration of the mobility, eg. it is shorter, we need to recalculate your grant.


2. Filling in the EU survey

Upon arrival home, it is obligatory to complete the European Union survey. You will be sent an email with a link to the survey after the end date of your mobility indicated in your contract with a link to which will be sent to you by e-mail after the completion date indicated in the contract.

3. OLS language survey

The OLS language assessment must be completed at the end of your mobility and the OLS system will automatically send you a link to it by e-mail. This allows you to assess how much your language skills have changed during your mobility.
ATTENTION! Completing this survey is obligatory!

4. Writing a report

Write a report about your experiences and send it to us by e-mail so we can publish it on our website. This will be very useful for future Erasmus+ students! We also welcome photos, videos, blog posts or any other content you have made during your mobility to make the website more colorful and encourage other students to embark on the great adventure of Erasmus+!

+1 Send a postcard!

We are collecting postcards, it makes us really happy to receive them from every corner of the world!

Our address:
International Mobility Office
Semmelweis University
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