Welcome to Budapest! Hope you had a pleasant journey and you are ready to start your mobility at Semmelweis University! We will help you have a smooth start with a step-by-step guide.

1. After arrival and before starting the mobility

Before starting your mobility, you have to go to the International Mobility Office in person and do the following:

  • Sign your Certificate of Arrival
  • We will register you in the NEPTUN system and you will get a NEPTUN account
  • Sign up for the aptitude test in your NEPTUN account
  • Get your temporary student card that you can use to get discounts (eg. on public transport passes, train tickets, etc.)
  • Sign Semmelweis University’s safety form

2. Private Health Insurance

As previously mentioned, it is recommended that you get a private insurance that will cover your medical bills of outpatient and inpatient treatments, surgeries, emergency medical care, the costs of medicines and durable medical equipment used during your treatment, as well as the costs of patient transport. Semmelweis University’s international students are advised to get your insurance sorted at Semmelweis Egészségügyi Kft. 

3. During the Mobility part of the Learning/Training Agreement

If you are a student doing a study mobility, you will have a final list of subjects a few weeks into your study program. You will have to fill out the “During the Mobility” part of your Learning Agreement according to this final list.  Sign it and have it signed by Semmelweis University’s and your university’s institutional Erasmus+ coordinator no later than 1 month after the start of the semester. Once you have all signatures on your document, you have to upload it to Semmelweis University’s online mobility platform.