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Semmelweis University’s Central Library – together with its library units – constitutes one of the largest and most modern medical special collections in Hungary. The Library is currently available in two locations: the Basic Medical Science Centre Branch (open weekdays 9 a.m.-8 p.m.) and the Central Branch located at Mikszáth Kálmán tér 5. (open 24/7).

The Central Library provides online access to full-text medical specialty books, pharmaceutical books, periodicals and databases through the University’s network.

» Read more on the Central Library’s website.


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Serving as the university’s official archival repository, the Central Archive appraises, collects, organises, describes, maintains and makes available historical documents and records of enduring value. Its collection encompasses institutional records, photographic and audio-visual material and three-dimensional objects of the University’s faculties, departments and central units, as well as those of its legal predecessors.


The Archive also collects personal documents of professors and other individuals connected to the university. Together its holdings constitute the most significant resource on the history of the University.

The Central Archive also has a major role in the regulation and supervision of the University’s records management system to ensure that the legal obligations surrounding records retention are followed and that materials destined for long-term or permanent preservation make their way into the archives at the end of their life cycle.

Beyond the traditional archival tasks, it is the Central Archive’s goal to become a workshop for recording the University’s history. To this end, the Central Archive collaborates closely with other Hungarian university archives, conducts its own research projects and publishes relevant research results from external researchers.

The University’s Central Archive is a public institution; its holdings are accessible to the public.

The Central Archive’s website (in Hungarian only)


net-200x300The Student Centre (in Hungarian: Diákcentrum, DC), open 9-5 on weekdays, is located in the NET building (1098 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4. 1st Floor). The Centre is equipped with 50 computers, which provide students with free access to the internet through the University’s internal network. A scanner is also available for free. Students can keep their valuables safe in the lockers provided by the Students’ Union. These are located in the hallway right in front of the Student Centre, commonly referred to as the Bridge (in Hungarian: Híd).

The Students’ Centre or as it is better known, Aquarium (in Hungarian: Akvárium) is also located in the NET building. Here, in addition to the offices of the Students’ Union and the Instructor Self-Active Group, a well-equipped social space has been created for students. The Aquarium is open to all students between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays.

The Basic Medical Science Centre (1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó u. 37-47.), built in 2008, mainly contains the various theoretical institutes’ practice rooms and research laboratories. Two snack bars and numerous study areas await students around the ground floor lecture halls. foci-300x200

A social space has been created within the atrium of the Dental Clinical and Training Centre (1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 47.), which also serves as an ideal location for hosting smaller events.

etk-2-176x300The newly renovated Student Centre, run by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ Students’ Association and located within the Faculty’s Hőgyes Building (1092 Budapest, Hőgyes Endre u. 9.), provides an excellent atmosphere for students to socialise with one another.

The Faculty of Health Sciences’ building (1088 Budapest, Vas u. 17.) contains various social spaces for students to use. The building’s beautiful atrium, complete with comfortable couches, is perfect for holding smaller student-run events. A bookstore, computer-equipped spaces, and the office of the Faculty’s Students’ Union are all located in the basement.