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Incoming Students

If you are an ERASMUS student who will begin their studies at Semmelweis University, welcome! We have compiled some general information for you to make your transition to Budapest and Semmelweis University smooth and enjoyable.

If you are not yet an ERASMUS student, here’s how you can apply:

Applying for the ERASMUS programme
If you wish to apply to Semmelweis University as an ERASMUS student you should first contact the ERASMUS coordinator at your home university to nominate you. After we receive your nomination we will contact you directly.

Our application deadlines are the following:

  • Autumn semester, or full academic year: May 30, 2017
  • Spring semester: October 30, 2017

The application forms will be sent by our Online-system automatically.

Unfortunately, Semmelweis University is not able to ensure on-campus accommodation for incoming ERASMUS students. If you need assistance finding a place to live, please contact Semmelweis University’s ERASMUS Student Network, visit the Student Housing website; Huniversity  or the Housing Networks Kft for various accommodation options.

Subject list; curriculum

Please find the subject list in the official university calendars issued for the 2017/2018 academic year.

English calendar
German calendar (Studienfuhrer)