Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 21. October 2021
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As its core activity, the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes undertakes the instruction and interdisciplinary research of languages for specific purposes (LSP) in the fields of general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and healthcare IT, as well as the examination of undergraduate students, PhD students, and employees.

Besides the instruction of Medical, Dental Medical and Pharmaceutical Terminology and uniquely among Hungarian universities, seven languages are taught for medical, dental medical and pharmaceutical purposes: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Hungarian. The Department of Langugaes for Specific Purposes also holds Final Exams in Languages for Specific Purposes measuring medical, dental medical and practical pharmaceutical competencies in all of the above languages. In groups preparing for the Final Exams in Languages for Specific Purposes, students acquire practice-oriented communication and documentation skills. Courses of Medical Latin Terminology and Hungarian for specific purposes are given to foreign dentistry students studying in the English and German language programmes, as well as to students of pharmacy participating in the German language programme. Teaching Erasmus students in Hungarian language also belongs to our activities.

In addition, the organizational unit functions as a language exam centre for two accredited language exam systems for obtaining PROFEX medical and PANNON general language certificates. More information on the syllabi of the LSP courses and on the language exam requirements is available on our website in English, German and Hungarian.