Dear Students,

Here are some pieces of information related to your Hungarian final exam. The exam consists of 2 parts. The listening test will take place in one of the lecture halls. The oral interviews will be performed in the building of the Institute of Languages for Specific Purposes.

  1. Listening test

You are going to listen to a text twice based on which you will be asked to solve exercises (e.g. true or false/ multiple choice/ answer the questions). If you do not acquire a minimum passing grade (5/10), you will not be allowed to take part in the oral interview.

  1. Oral interview (in front of two teachers)

You will pick a picture and a dialogue-card to talk about. After a short general conversation (e.g. where are you from/ what are your future plans/ where would you like to work…) you are kindly asked to talk about the picture that you have picked. The examiners might ask questions about the topic(s) to help you. The pictures (and also the dialogues) are related to the dental topics you have studied in your Hungarian course. (Here is a list of the topics: fog, fogápolás; fogszuvasodás, tömések, töméscsere, röntgen; gyökérkezelés; ínygyulladás; fogkő; fogeltávolítás; fogszabályozás; rögzített fogpótlások, kivehető fogpótlások, lenyomatvétel; implantációs fogpótlások.) It will then be followed by a conversation with one of the examiners using the ideas and hints of the dialogue-card. All the dialogue cards have got the same structure: 1. Anamnézis, panasz 2. Vizsgálat 3. Diagnózis 4. Kezelés. The knowledge of the Gera-sentences would be a great help in this part.

dr. Schmidtné dr. Putz Mónika