Semmelweis University has been dedicated to promote health care research development and innovation since its foundation more than 250 years ago. A Research-Development-Innovation support system assisting researchers and boosting scientific performance was set up under the supervision of the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation.

Semmelweis University, as the leading health care provider of Hungary, is a perfect location for clinical development of drugs and medical devices from first-in-man to post-marketing trials of high international quality, in a wide range of therapeutic indications in line with international standards. The Office for Clinical Research Coordinating Center is involved in optimizing workflow and contributing to the efficiency, quality, and success of Semmelweis University’s overall output. Currently, Semmelweis University has three sites accredited by the competent authorities providing optimal conditions for clinical trials. In accordance with the current regulations in Hungary, all leaders of the units are qualified clinical pharmacologists.


1085 Budapest, Üllői street 26.