The Board of Trustees of the NOVOFER Foundation selects from the annual open nominations of professionals those who have actively contributed to the success of the economy through their technical and intellectual creations, development achievements, the creation of the infrastructure for innovation, the development of creative thinking for future generations, and the high level of professional knowledge.

Semmelweis Recipients of the Award

Dennis Gábor Award

2023: Dr. Péter Ferdinandy
2022: Dr. Krisztián Szigeti 
2021: Dr. Pál Maurovich-Horvát
2020: Dr. Andrea Fekete
2015: Dr. Béla Merkely
2015: Dr. László Hangody
2013: Dr. Péter Mátyus
2012: Dr. István Peták 
2008: Dr. Tivadar Tulassay
2006: Dr. Béla Molnár 



The list of nominees for the Prima Primissima Award includes representatives of Hungarian science, art, culture and sport who have achieved exemplary results. Thirty winners are selected each year in 10 categories. There are three winners in each category, and the members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and the enlarged Presidium of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ) select the Primissimas from among them by secret ballot, for a total of ten.

Semmelweis Recipients of the Award

Prima Primissima Award

2021. Prima winner: Dr. Bea Pászthy
2019. Prima Primissima winner: Dr. Veronika Ádám
2018. Prima Primissima winner: Dr. Péter Sótonyi
2016. Prima winner: Dr. Ferenc Perner
2014. Prima winner: Dr. Loránd Erőss
2011. Prima winner: Dr. László Hangody
2010. Prima winner: Dr. Tivadar Tulassay
2009. Prima winner: Dr. Miklós Kellermayer
2005. Prima winner: Dr. András Csókay
2003. Prima Primissima winner: Dr. Szilveszter E. Vizi 



The Junior Prima Award recognises the outstanding achievements of young scientists whose careers are characterised by outstanding international achievements and a continuous commitment to excellence in science, research and education in Hungary.

Semmelweis Recipients of the Prize

Junior Prima Prize

2022: Dr. Júlia Karády
2021: Dr. Lajos Kemény
2021: Dr. Balázs Pósfai
2021: Dr. Éva Sághy
2020: Dr. András Attila Horváth
2018: Dr. Dorottya Czövek
2018: Dr.Domonkos Papp
2017: Dr. Péter Kovács
2017: Dr. Vince Kornél Grolmusz
2017: Dr. Zoltán Varga
2016: Dr. Ádám Tárnoki
2016: Dr. Dávid Tárnoki
2015: Dr. Gergely Toldi
2015: Dr. András Bikov
2015: Dr. Dorottya Csuka
2014: Dr. Csaba Bödör
2014: Dr. Balázs Enyedi
2013: Dr. Attila Marcell Szász
2013: Dr. Judit Lazáry
2011: Dr. Zoltán Jakus
2011: Dr. Krisztián Németh