Korányi Frigyes College for Advanced Studies

koranyi_logo_hu2The Korányi Frigyes College for Advanced Studies has been operating for 30 years and has become the cornerstone of Semmelweis University’s talent support network. Its training system has successfully integrated several initiatives and provides complementary training to Semmelweis University’s internationally recognised education in the field of natural sciences. Korányi Frigyes College for Advanced Studies is a professional workshop preparing students not only for patient care but it also gives an insight into education and research. Students interested in healing, science and the university education of doctors and pharmacists of future generations are expected to apply for the programme.

The students of the college need to meet high professional requirements. Apart from active participation in the courses, they have to have high academic results and are obliged to take part in the scientific work of the Students’ Scientific Association. Currently, the college has 56 members.

The college students live in a calm and comfortable dormitory. Bedrooms can accommodate 2 students who are provided with services necessary for studying (study-rooms, educational material, photocopier, skill lab and Internet) and relaxing (lounge, video room, gym). Besides professional events, several cultural and community events are organised.

Address: 59/b Hársfa utca, Budapest 1074
Telephone: 459-1500 (ext. 53900) or 321-0277
Student association: Tel.: +36-20-825-9631
E-mail: habil.harsfa@gmail.com