The Laboratory Animal Science Coordination Center (LASCC) is a central organizational unit related to the basic tasks of the University. The mission of LASCC is to participate in the teaching and research activities of the University in all areas related to the use of laboratory animals.

Its scope includes, in particular, data collection, analysis, design, development, consultancy, and strategic decision support activities, which promote the efficient use and care of laboratory animals. In addition, LASCC supports uniform quality assurance through technological and methodological innovation, independent scientific research, and the improvement of animal welfare conditions,  supporting the effectiveness of the University’s educational and research goals and the constant improvement of its international competitiveness.


a) the development of the rational operation of the University’s animal houses, the development of the quality assurance system, the development of uniform local standards, the development of procedures;

(b) the operation of certain animal housing, as required, in particular, the constant operation of the NET Central Animal House, which is a high-end, newly constructed facility, open for international cooperations, and local scientific improvements.

(c) developing a long-term education and research strategy related to laboratory animal science, carrying out independent teaching and research activities;

(d) the collection, provision and analysis of data from all university fields related to laboratory animal science and the use of laboratory animals;

  1. e) preparation of plans related to innovation and developments, professional-based consulting, decision-making related to laboratory animal science, preparation of professional materials for other organizational units and researchers of the University.

(f) close cooperation with other units supporting innovation

(g) professional guidance and support for the submission of applications for animal ethics permits to the IACUC of Semmelweis University. 


László Hiripi MSc, PhD, Head of LASCC
Telephone: +36 30 526 1994

Domokos Csukás DVM, scientific advisor
Telephone: +36 70 930 0719