The nomination period for the 2023 presidential election ended at 12:00 on 9 June. The Semmelweis University Students’ Union Election Officer, Máté Krebs, stated in his decision that one person, the current Vice President of the Students’ Union responsible for events, GECSEY Réka Csenge, had submitted an application. The Election Officer found that the application is valid and registered it.

The public part of the presidential candidate’s application and presidential programme can be viewed by logging in with university account.

The meeting for the election of the President, which will also be the inaugural meeting of the Assembly of Delegates, updated with 9 new members, is proposed by decision to be held on 7 July 2023.

Pursuant to Article 93 of the Election Regulations, an appeal may be submitted against this decision. The appeal, accompanied by the supporting reasons and evidence, may be submitted by 15:00 on the third working day following the public disclosure of the decision, by submitting it in person to the Student Office, addressed to the Secretary of the SU Students’ Union or sent to the official e-mail address of the Secretary: Public disclosure shall be deemed to be public information sent to candidates through the NEPTUN system or information published on the Union website. In the absence of appeal, the decision, the election results or the part of the decision not subject to appeal shall become final after the expiry of the time limit.