The main building of the Heart and Cardiovascular Center has three levels. The outpatient clinics, the emergency room and a larger patient’s room (where mostly ambulatory patients are located) are on the third floor (because of the location of the building this is the street level from Gaál J. street). The cardiology intensive care unit and two other patient’s room are  on the second floor. The education room and personal rooms are on the first floor.
In the other part of the building at Városmajor street on the first floor there is the Department of Diagnostic Radiology with 3 catheter labs (1-1 coronary, peripheral angiography and electrophysiology), as well as the Cardiology Department with 17 beds, where  patients are treated who underwent effective interventions with rapid recovery. 

Cardiovascular Center – Invasive Cardiology Department

The principal department of patient care at the Clinic. The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit is part of the 27 beds of the Invasive Cardiology Department, where patients with acute myocardial infarction or other life-threatening cardiac diseases are treated. Its main role is in the observation and treatment of acutely admitted patients frequently in severe conditions. All of the beds of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit are equipped with a central and bedside monitor with adequate space and infrastructure for the use of a ventillator or an IABP. For bedbound patients with long-lasting care, antidecubitus mattresses are available at any bed. The department has a single bed room where intensive care and isolation are also possible. On the other 12 beds of the Invasive Cardiology Department mainly patients are observed and treated after an invasive catheterization or electrophysiologic procedure. Blood tests are taken, ECG is done and patients are examined in the outpatient rooms and in the department.

Cardiology Department

The Cardiology department is a traditional cardiology department, where patients are treated after interventions which allow for a short hospital stay. Such an intervention can be for example a pacemaker implantation, electrophysiologic study and diagnostic coronarography. Nevertheless, classical medical treatment of patients with heart disease is also among the roles of this department. This department has a very high patient load, therefore we ask for the patience of our patients.


Outpatient Clinic

After a pre-arranged appointment we are accepting patients at the outpatient clinic with a referral slip. Besides traditional cardiological examinations (bicycle and treadmill stress test, echocardiography) we also have special clinics for patients who underwent pacemaker implantation and also for patients suffering from heart failure. Stress tests and echocardiographic examinations are both performed in the main building (Gaál József st.), and in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology. You may have more information regarding the function of the outpatient clinic here.

Department of Diagnostic Radiology

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology is found at Határőr street 18. Examination of patients with cardiovascular diseases is helped by special equipment; modern, state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures are possible.  We perform elective (with pre-arranged appointment) and acute examinations with our CT and high capacity MR.