The civil patient program, as a new initiative, has formed by the Heart Centre of the Semmelweis University and by the patients.

The program aims that the patients,- who are living with pacemakers, ICD and who are suffering in hypertension, arrhythmias, congenital heart disease or infarction,- voluntary join to the presentation that are organized by Association.

Our mission is to reduce vulnerability due to lack of information and together with the patients, family members, and interested is to develop the appropriate cooperation. Our goal is to take over the education of the patient, their demand for the development of conscious life, so as to help the extremely busy cardiologists. This initiative allows for the development of the “you’re not alone” feeling for the people who are coming to visit us and experience the precious moments of joining.

Fridays in myocardial infarction patients and their families are welcome, and we are showing the technical side of the cardiac catheterization. With us you can learn stress management techniques, and help to stop smoking cigarettes. We discuss about the verification tests, a healthy diet, we explain the importance of the exercise; furthermore the relationship between laboratory results.

Many people in the older age group are affected by the atrial fibrillation. We are providing assistance to them with our presentations that are starting to speak about the recognition of symptoms; the arrhythmia emergence of and the latest therapeutic options; and are all about the use of blood-thinning drugs.

In Hungary, 40 thousand people are living with pacemakers and defibrillators for resuscitation device. Every year hundreds of people saved by this device, they live with, but how?

On Saturdays, we are welcome patients living pacemakers; all occurring questions we can find the answers. At the request of the patients who are regularly attending our presentations, we are thinking about the organization of a club.