Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Centre and Department of Traumatology (Uzsoki Street Hospital Departments of Orthopaedics and Traumatology together) won the Medical Centres of Excellence award  accredited and recognized by the International Football Association.
There are about 250 athletes and 250 sportsmen tested annually in the Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Centre. This includes testing of a significant number of soccer players in order to diagnose or exclude a heart rhythm disorder, heart disease, coronary artery disease, valvular disease. Cardiac CT, cardiac MR and coronary artery cathetrization may be added to the cardiac ultrasound and arrhythmia analysis if needed. Transcatheter interventions are used for treatment of more and more diseases thanks to the medical sciences development. Through exclusion and timely diagnosis of diseases sport-cardiology contributes to the safe conduct of competitive sports as well as to avoidance of sport tragedies.