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Representing students’ educational interests and ensuring that education is student-centered is perhaps the most important task of the Students’ Union (HÖK). This is based on close cooperation and effective communication with the students, University leaders and decision-makers.

Therefore, HÖK’s educational representation extends from the lowest level, year representatives to faculty leaders all the way to the vice president responsible for educational affairs. 

We are happy to announce that more than 50 international students are participating in the Students’ Union’s work!

The Educational Representatives of the Internationals have been trained and been tested on Study and Examination Regulations of Semmelweis University in order to be able to perform in the most effective way on our most important tasks: assisting students in solving their education-related problems, cooperating with the Registrars’ Office and the numerous educational units, participating in education-related events, supervising study grants and block assignments, representing the interests of students in the Faculty Council and in the work of other university committees.


You can find their contact details on the HÖK website, under the education tab!🌐


A message from the Head of International Students’ Committee – ISC 


The International Students’ Committee represents the interests of international students and serves as a bridge between students in the English, German, and Hungarian language programs. Our goal is to develop and improve the students’ lifestyle at the University and try to solve the problems international students might be facing. We want to be aware of the academic problems the students are facing and try to solve them, offer them insight of social and academic events happening at the University, and guide them through, so they will be able to benefit from all of the available opportunities of the same quality as Hungarian students. There are different committees at the Students’ Union and members of the various committees and the International Students’ Committee work in parallel to provide assistance to your needs in each and every aspect.

Accordingly, we organize numerous joint events for students and also answer questions related to academic studies. Together with our team, we try to enrich student life at the University with a variety of events such as SMMLWS Parties, Quick Connects and FOKtoberfest.
If you have any questions, ideas, would like to join us, or if we can help you, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below:

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