The Students’ Union (SU) is Semmelweis University’s organization responsible for student services and the representation of student interest.

The SU is a body of student-elected representatives that surveys the students’ opinion and presents it in front of the University itself and its leadership; represents students in the University’s main decision-making bodies, together with offering services for the students.

All members of the Students’ Union are active university students. All six faculties of the University (FOM, FOHAPS, FOHS, FOD, FOP, APF) represent themselves in the SU through their own student representatives, creating smaller faculty government subunits within the Union. The faculty government subunits cooperate with and assist the central organization in resolving social and academic matters, facilitating the easier transfer of information and more direct communication with the students of the faculty, improving the faculty’s sport life and organizing certain cultural and entertaining events, etc. Furthermore, the faculty government subunits delegate student representatives to the highest faculty bodies, the Faculty Councils.

The Central Bodies serve as the other fundamental pillar ensuring the functioning of the Students’ Union. The Central Bodies include the Congress, Electoral Committee, Internal Affairs Committee and the Presidium. The Congress is the main democratic decision-making body of the SU. The decisions made in the Congress represent the SU’s collective opinion, and are forwarded to the other University units as well by the adequate SU representatives.

The Electoral Committee takes up a key role in arranging the democratic elections of SU representatives, while the Internal Affairs Committee is responsible for maintaining the SU’s orderly operation.

The Presidium, one of the main decision-making bodies has lesser authority than the Congress, but due to low staff numbers, its reaction time is much faster. Moreover, the Presidium is responsible for realizing SU projects, and for elaborating innovative ideas.  The members of the Presidium are the SU president and vice-presidents, as well the chairmen of the faculty subunits, the Head of Cabinet, the lead desk officers and presidential commissioners of the project committees and the presidential advisors.

SU headquarters and the Szinapszis HQ are located in Nagyvárad téri Elméleti Tömb (NET), however, there is also another student office in the Faculty of Health Sciences Building. The SU operates a student center, a study hall and a student lounge for the students as well. The Students’ Union is also the responsible editor of the student magazine Szinapszis.

The SU represents the students’ voice in the bureaucracy of the university. Our representatives provide advice for their fellow students in need. Our colleagues organize events and seek to realize innovative ideas.

We are delighted to welcome any students that are enthusiastic, willing to make a difference or are simply just interested in what the SU does.