Semmelweis University Students’ Union holds an open tendering for the secretarial position.

According to the HÖK Statutes, chapter VII. Article 56 (2), the organisation is obligated to employ a Secretary.

The Secretary’s primal task is to monitor the operation of the HÖK (the complete job description can be found in the Constitution, chapter VII. article 58).

Application is open for all active students of the University.

Application must include:
– CV,
– motivational letter,
– a statement made according to Article 24 of the Statutes,
– office-bearer statement of that the applicant has been holding an office – accounting for time spent as an office-holder in all positions of the HÖK – for no more than 4 years,
– a certification of active student status, issued no more than 15 days ago.
Every page of the application must be validated with the signature of the applicant.

Application deadline: 25th June 2024 11:59 PM.

Application can be filed online to

Budapest, 18th June 2024