The Election Officer has made the decision about the starting date of the election and has drawn the order of the nominee’s names as it will be written on the ballot. There was no appeal.

The 2023 election will start on 13th December 2023 at 12:00 via Neptun’s UniPoll system.

Every active student has one vote. Votes can be cast either by approving the proposed support priority list or by suggesting a different ranking list of nominees. To suggest a ranking, you need to put the smallest number except 0 to the most prefered nominee and the highest number, that is not higher than the number of candidates, next to the least preferred nominee. The ballot is valid if the voter has filled it accordingly and each number only appears once.

Pursuant to Article 89 Section (5) of the Election Regulations, the candidates may propose to the students ‘support priority list’. This support priority list can be submitted in a joint statement of at least 6 candidates (the half of the seats allocated), to the Election Officer.

During the 2023 Assembly of Delegates election, 2 support priority lists were received. The Election Officer assigned them under the following serial number:

Support priority list No. 1 Support priority list No. 2
1. BAKÓ Benedek
2. MIKLÓS Renáta Dalma
3. BÉNYI Botond
4. TIMÁR Petra
6. VARGA Sára
7. MAGYAR Dániel Dávid
8. José Arturo OROZCO Jr.
9. KESKENY György Árpád
10. Evelina DAVLIEVA
11. Reem H. I. ALADIN

1. Muhammad Soban BHUTTA
2. Mercedes Amy SCHULZ
3. Nikol Marieta ARGYROU
4. LACZKÓ Petra
5. SZABELLA Balázs László
6. MIKLÓS Renáta Dalma
7. BAKÓ Benedek
8. MAGYAR Dániel Dávid
9. VARGA Sára
10. TIMÁR Petra
11. MÉSZÁROS Csaba

They will appear in the following order:

  • on the first place support priority list No. 1,
  • on the second place support priority list No. 2.

If the voter does not vote for the proposed support priority list, he or she can rank the candidates separately. The candidates will appear on the ballot in the following order:

(by clicking on the names of the candidates, you can access the public part of their application – personal data, like address, birth date and birth place are removed)

BAKÓ Benedek
MIKLÓS Renáta Dalma
BÉNYI Botond Boldizsár

Nikol Marieta ARGYROU

KESKENY György Árpád
Mercedes Amy SCHULZ
MAGYAR Dániel Dávid
José Arturo OROZCO Jr.
SZABELLA Balázs László
PÁSZTOR Simon Péter


Muhammad Soban BHUTTA

There are 11 seats available in the Assembly of Delegates. Each member becomes a presidential elector. The validity of the mandates last till the second regular elections official results come out (except for the special cases mentioned in the Election Regulations).

The remaining seats in the Assembly of Delegates are set out in the following decision.

During the election process the Election Officer will monitor the turnout, in order to make sure that the minimum participation rate criteria mentioned in law CCIV. 2011. is met, which is 25%. The Election Officer will decide about the ending date of the election phase three days prior to the end of elections.

In case of any questions regarding the elections do not hesitate to send your questions to the Election Officer via e-mail to