On July 7th, the Electoral Assembly of the Semmelweis University Students’ Union gave its vote of confidence to GECSEY Réka Csenge, as such, she will succeed Dr. TRIPOLSZKY Bálint as the President of HÖK.

The former President, Dr. TRIPOLSZKY Bálint steps down from his position as the President of HÖK with the end of his studies at the university, after three very productive years. He fulfilled this role in a period which, albeit tough, was also very influential: we merely have to think of the situation caused by the novel coronavirus, or the numerous changes the university, and student life within it, went under. He formulated the following thoughts about the past three years:

I felt it an exceptional honor that in the past years, alongside my medical studies, I was given the opportunity to act in the interests of the university and the students. I am wholeheartedly thankful for the shared successes of the past three years, the support of HÖK members and all students, as well as sorry for my mistakes and errors in the past.

He also sent the following message to the students succeeding the currently graduating ones in the union, himself included:

I believe the Assembly chose a worthy successor as a leader of the Students’ Union in electing Csenge, who has proven her aptitude as a vice-president in the past few years with her exceptional performance. Congratulations to her, and the newly elected vice-presidents, members of the Presidium, and good luck with regards to their future work! Go students, go HÖK!”

The name of GECSEY Csenge may sound familiar to many, she studies at the Faculty of Health Sciences, has been an active member of the Students’ Union for four years, where so far, she fulfilled the role of vice-president. Further, she worked as the chief organizer of the 50th MedicsCup, which was held this year. She summarized her future work as President as follows:

The path I wish to set is one where we develop a community that’s close-knit, flexible and able to stimulate development, and I envision this while also being characterized by high-quality representation of studentsinterests, conscious planning, exemplary problem-solving skills, openness and diversity.

Csenge discussed her plans for the future further:

In my experience, many students easily get lost due to the labyrinthine nature of the university, and our main task is to help and support them. I feel like there is both an opportunity and a need for improvement on every level, an important goal of mine is to make students feel that we’re always backing them and supporting them to the best of our ability.
The Students’ Union underwent a massive period of development in the past three years. I wish to follow and amplify this good example during my presidency. I feel like there’s an extremely eager team backing me, with whom we’ll do everything to lead a high-quality organization worthy of the university’s reputation. It is of exceptional importance to me to make this representative body able to work closely with the University’s leadership on the development of education, while keeping studentsinterests in mind.


We hereby wish the newly elected president of the Students’ Union productivity in her work, and the best of luck!


Edited by: CSANÁDI Petra, HAVASI Márk
Translated by: KIS Máté Márk
Photo: BARTA Bálint