The Foundation for National Health Care and Medical Education called for applications for the office of Rector on 18th November 2022, and published it on it’s website on 21st November 2022.

Pursuant to (7)-(9) of Article 91 of the Election Regulations, the Election Officer decided to suspend the 2022 Assembly of Delegates election, and the Secretary also decided to annul his decisions on the appeals.

After the election of the rector candidate, the Assembly of Delegates election continues. The postponement does not affect the announcement of the election, the evaluation of the applications received, or the registered students.

Article 91

(7) Neither an election of the delegates, a presidential election nor a by-election shall be called, and the election called shall be suspended in the following cases:
a) they cannot be scheduled for the period between the call for applications for the office of Rector is announced and the election of the Rector,
b) if the election for Rector is unsuccessful for the first attempt, until a Rector becomes elected,
c) if the office of Rector becomes vacant prematurely, until the election of a new Rector.
(8) If a suspended election would only be completed in the following semester or if, for other reasons, the direct election is postponed to the following semester, the Election Officer shall decide on the necessary measures or on the cancellation of the election and the calling of a new election.
(9) In the cases provided for in paragraphs (7) and (8), the term of office of persons concerned shall be extended until election results become finalized.