The Election Officier examined the applications received for the 2022 Delegate Assembly election. Based on the provisions of the Constitution of the Students’ Union, he made the following decision. 

Has submitted an application in accordance with the call and the Constitution of the SU, so the following students registered as candidates for the election of the Assembly of the Delegates: 

(by clicking on the names of the candidates, you can access the public part of their application – personal data, like address, birth date and place are removed)


Has not submitted an appropriate application, therefore the following students are not registered as candidates in the election of the Assembly of the Delegates:

  • Zulaykho ABDUHAMIDOVA (The student has not filled in the application form correctly, the date is not indicated on it or the statement according to Article 24 of the Statutes has not been filled in correctly. The application is inadmissible.)
  • Sara Khalil Foaud ALMADANAT (The student has not filled in the office-bearer statement correctly, her name is missing from the space provided. The application is inadmissible.)
  • Bényi Botond Boldizsár (Several recommodation sheets have irregular headers and signatures. The application is inadmissible.)
  • Falus Márton János (It is necessary to fill in the header of the recommendation form as indicated in Paragraph 79 Section (3) of the Election Regulations. The student has filled it in incompletely. The application is not admissible. ) 
  • Kovács Márton (The student has not properly completed the statement accordingly Article 24 of the Statutes. The application is inadmissible.)
  • Halvor TØNSBERG (The student has not properly completed the statement accordingly Article 24 of the Statutes. The application is  inadmissible.)
  • Varga Sára (The student has not properly completed the statement accordingly Article 24 of the Statutes. The application is inadmissible.)
  • Sophia Clara WEBER (The student has not properly completed the statement accordingly Article 24 of the Statutes. The application is inadmissible.)
  • Leftwich Shawna Mariah (Pursuant to Article 84 (5) of the Election Regulations, all pages of the application must be certified by the candidates. The student did not certify her application by signing it. The application is inadmissible.)
  • Reem H. H. ALADIN (The student’s recommendation forms contain recommendations and signatures that have been corrected with an error corrector, so excluding them the number of signatures collected does not reach 2% of Semmelweis University students. The application is not acceptable.)


Pursuant to Paragraph 89 Section (5) of the Election Regulations, support priority lists that are based on a joint declaration of at least half of the registered candidates may be created. These proposed support priority lists shall be submitted to the
Election Officer by the candidates no later than the day after the decision on their registration becomes final. Proposed support priority lists shall be numbered by the Election Officer in the order in which they were submitted.

In order to process it as quickly as possible, candidates should send the support priority list electronically to the address, even if it is submitted in paper format at the Student Office.


Legal remedies:

Pursuant to Paragraph 93 of the Election Regulations, an appeal may be submitted against this decision. The appeal, accompanied by the supporting reasons and evidence, may be submitted by 15:00 on the third working day following the public disclosure of the decision, by submitting it in person to the Student Office, addressed to the Secretary of the SU Students’ Union or sent to the official e-mail address of the Secretary: Public disclosure shall be deemed to be public information sent to candidates through the NEPTUN system or information published on the Union website. In the absence of appeal, the decision, the election results or the part of the decision not subject to appeal shall become final after the expiry of the time limit.
The deadline for appeals is 23th November 2022 at 15:00.
Office is open 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. on working days. We recommend submitting electronically for faster processing.


The voting period shall be at least 5 working days. The voting period shall begin no earlier than on the 8th day after the end of the nomination period, and no later than on the 10th day thereafter, on which date the last registration decision has become final. The Election Officier shall determine the beginning of the voting period no later than on the 2nd working day following the day on which the last decision on registration has become final. 


If you have any questions regarding the election, please feel free to contact the Election Officier via the e-mail address


This announcement is made in more than one languages. In case of differences between the Hungarian and the English version of the announcement, the Hungarian text shall be considered authentic.