With 95 percent of the valid votes from the Assembly of Delegates, Bálint Tripolszky won the 2022 Presidential Elections, thus gaining their trust again after 2 years, whereby he can continue his work in the Students’ Union.

Attila Szűcs and Bálint Tripolszky competed in front of the Assembly of Delegates at the session of the Presidential Election Assembly held on May 13th. In the first part of the meeting, the two presidential candidates presented their program and plan to the Delegates elected by the students, who, after a secret ballot, elected Bálint Tripolszky as the old-new President of Semmelweis University’s Students’ Union.

Bálint is a fifth-year student of the Faculty of General Medicine, who has been working at HÖK since the beginning of his University career. Following his election in 2020, he reformed the Students’ Union in several fields and strengthened the relationship between students and the University and University leaders. With his leadership, the entire organization developed at each level, and the momentum of change he initiated can be witnessed in student feedback and surveys. His legacy includes the total internationalization of the organization, the creation of the Green University Project, the complete revision of the Constitution (to allow for more efficient and transparent operation), the coordination of student volunteering and work during the COVID epidemic, the expansion and support of Self-active Groups. support, the adoption of 4 new types of scholarships, and the introduction of a Year Representative system.

After his victory, he said he would like to continue to work to preserve the results he had achieved so far and to develop an even more student-friendly environment at Semmelweis University.

After re-gaining students’ trust, there is one thing that primarily motivates me: all the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years at the University and the community, encourages me to give as much of it back to the community as possible. I want to serve students and the University with humbleness and honesty, as I have done for the past two years.

– said Bálint Tripolszky, old-new president.

After his election, the members of the Assembly of Delegates also voted for the Vice Presidents: Félix Takács as General Vice President, Csenge Gecsey as Event Planning Vice President, dr. Zsombor Mátyás Papp will continue his work as Educational Vice President.

The other members of the Presidium – Faculty and Committee Heads – will be delegated by Bálint Tripolszky in accordance with the Articles of the Constitution, which will be briefed in a separate article and post in the upcoming days.

Details of the program of the President are available at this link. Congratulations to Bálint Tripolszky and the Vice Presidents for their election and we wish you further success in your work!