The 2022 Nomination Period has come to an end, and the Students’ Union’s Election Officer has reviewed the applications on the third of May, 2022.

Two students, Attila Szűcs, the Secretary of the Students’ Union, and Balint Tripolszky, the   current President of the Students’ Union sent in their applications. The Election Officer has decided that both of them have submitted valid applications, and made this decision available to all.


The Program of Bálint Tripolszky can be accessed here, and Attila Szűcs’ can be read here.


Bálint Tripolszky has been the President for the past two years of the HÖK. With his leadership, the entire structure of HÖK, as well as its momentum has changed. His Program includes 300 points of the achievements of HÖK in this time, which was possible with him and all of the people of the Students’ Union. It highlights the hardships brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and the key accomplishments categorized by Faculty and Committee. The main goal of his Program is to continue on the current trajectory of the HÖK, with the same effort and enthusiasm as before, and to take the student needs into the highest consideration. The last page includes the planned list of the Presidium (which overall corresponds to the current one). This further exemplifies that they consider success as a common accomplishment and they would continue to closely work together. 


Attila Szűcs has held the position of the Students’ Union’s Secretary in recent times. His Program contains multiple main ideas. One of the key components would be the organization of biyearly-held student forums for each Faculty to answer student inquiries. On the other hand, the social aspect would reform the point system, the communication would encompass a monthly summary of important events, and the QR-code feedback system would be improved. In his final point, he would aim for further digitalization in the work of the Secretariats’ and the Dean’s offices. 


The Assembly is presented with two experienced and well-known individuals, which is a ‘pleasant’ difficulty, for there can be no wrong choice and the only predicament is having to choose between two great candidates. 

At the elections, to be held on May 13th, the Assembly will vote upon the next President of the Students’ Union! 


Havasi Márk