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The Semmelweis University Open Day was hugely popular again this year, with more than 3,000 people participating.

Considering the epidemiological regulations, those interested in medical and health sciences were able to gain insight into the everyday lives of the University’s six faculties during the open-day hosted online. 😷

At the online open-day, Semmelweis University’s training, vocational high schools, academic student work, and talent development program were introduced in a series of nearly 100 lectures. The Students’ Union provided interactive lectures regarding student life at the University.


Faculty of Medicine

The introduction of the Faculty of Medicine began with the greetings of the Dean, Dr. Kellermayer Miklós, who then spoke about the structure of the new curriculum and the transformation of practical lessons.

Later, the admissions process, the beauties of the medical profession, and the general information about the education were discussed in greater detail.

Later, Félix Takács, a medical student and Vice President of the Students’ Union (HÖK), gave a tour with the help of a video, in which the iconic buildings of the University, the lecture halls, and even the autopsy rooms were presented.

Norbert Völcsei, the Students’ Union’s (HÖK) head of the Faculty of Medicine, emphasized that most of the hundreds of questions received via the student forum were about student life, sports opportunities, and drop-out rates.


Faculty of Dentistry

Dean Dr. Gábor Gerber greeted the future students on the open day of the Faculty of Dentistry. In addition to the general training, he also introduced the newly launched Digital Dental Planning course. 

The Dean of the Faculty and Dr. Károly Bartha, the Deputy Dean of education, answered the pre-received questions related to the training, while the representatives of the Students’ Union (HÖK)  answered the questions related to student life and scholarships.

Later, the outstanding lecturers of the Faculty presented the possibilities of specialization and the mysteries of the dental profession.

The buildings and the most prominent teaching & student spaces of the Faculty were introduced by Dr. Tamás Hegedüs, a clinical doctor of the Department of Prosthodontics, during an online tour.

Patrik Kreuter, a Students’ Union (HÖK) representative of the Faculty of Dentistry, emphasized that many people think that Dentistry is an overly specific Faculty, but by the introduction, they were able to show that multiple specialties can be learned with the knowledge and experience gained here.


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Those interested in the Faculty of Pharmacy were greeted by Dean Dr. István Antal, who presented the significant transformations of the Faculty, describing the results of reforming the curriculum and the plans for the development of the campus. From the presentation of Dr. Bálint Basa, Ph.D. student, the future students were able to find out what and where pharmacy students study. Dr. Szabolcs Béni, Deputy Dean, detailed what a diploma in pharmacy is suitable for.

Afterward, pharmacy student Noel Nyariki, the Students’ Union (HÖK) representative of the Faculty, guided the participants of the open day via a video through the most characteristic places and student spaces of education, learning, or research in the Faculty. He then gave a presentation on student life during the student forum, focusing on the freshman camp, dormitories, and academic expectations.


Faculty of Health Sciences

During the Health Sciences program, Dean Dr. Gabriella Dörnyei and Deputy Dean Dr. István Vingender greeted those interested, briefly introducing the Faculty.

During the open day, participants were able to learn about the Faculty’s wide range of training offerings and gain insight into further master’s programs. In addition to the traditional training, new specializations were introduced, including radiography, optometry, or even addiction consulting. The programs of the Faculty were followed throughout the day by many interested people, and Dorottya Német, the Students’ Union representative of the Faculty, together with two of her fellow students, answered the questions from the Student Forum.


Faculty of Health and Public Administration

In the opening speech of the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Miklós Szócska, briefly introduced the Faculty, highlighting the Bachelor’s degree in health planning and the Master’s degree in health management. The Dean then gave an exciting lecture on the future and digitization of healthcare.

Dr. Mátyás Papp Zsombor, Vice President of Education at the Students’ Union (HÖK), found the online open day extremely useful. As he stated, the younger generation was asking questions more boldly online, so the Faculty received much interest.

The core training, “Organization in Health” was introduced. Which, if completed, is expected to have an outstanding employment rate of 93% and above-average earnings, the Vice President pointed out.


András Pető Faculty

At the online open day of the University’s youngest Faculty, Dean Dr. Andrea Zsebe Dr. Tenk Miklósné greeted those interested in conducting. Consequently, she introduced the beauties of the conducting profession with the help of a short film. Dr. László Matos, Deputy Dean for Education, gave an introductory lecture on the structure of primary conductor training. Then, conductor Hanna Muzslai-Bízik revealed the day-to-day life of a conductor, the uniqueness of this Hungarian method across the world, and expressed that it is more than a job. Eszter Németh, a member of the Education Committee of the Students’ Union (HÖK) said, “Many people were interested in the online programs of the András Pető Faculty, with more than 40 questions arriving in the student forum.”


During the event, Rector Dr. Béla Merkely highlighted:

“All of our trainings ultimately provide the same opportunity for applicants: a profession that they can pursue at the highest level, with maximum professionalism and the greatest possible altruism.”