We’ve placed new composting bins around Semmelweis University’s dormitories as a new initiative of the Green University Project.

In the first round, we supplied the two most populated dorms with composts. Namely, Lajos Markusovszky and János Balassa Dormitories, also known as “Rezső” and “Tömő”, respectively.

Adequate allocation of these bins was assisted by members of the Students’ Union Green University group.

We trust that interest in environmental friendliness among the dormitory inhabitants will result in as many people utilizing this opportunity as possible.

Environmental awareness is pivotal for all of us. Therefore, with the compost bins, we could propel our University towards greater levels of eco-friendliness. A beneficial consequence of composting also arises; the breakdown products of composted goods result in the formation of nutrient-rich soil, which we can utilize in the University gardens.

The main aim is to reduce our carbon footprint even at the level of the University. One way to do so is to reduce organic waste by composting. Besides this, another aim of the Green University group members is to teach their fellow students the ways of composting and all of its tricks, thereby increasing environmental awareness. Perhaps in the future, students may create their own composts with which they’ll further reduce their carbon footprints and waste generation.

We the members of the Green University group await our next project, as do we await to place more and more composting bins around the Dormitories.