The Electional Representative examined the applications received for the 2021 Delegate Assembly election. Based on the provisions of the Constitution of the Students’ Union, he made the following decision.

Has submitted an application in accordance with the call and the Constitution of the SU, so the following students registered as candidates for the election of the Assembly of the Delegates:

(by clicking on the names of the candidates, you can access the public part of their application – personal data, like address, birth date and place are removed)

Benedek BAKÓ
Zsófia Csenge BÁNOVICS
Réka Csenge GECSEY
György Árpád KESKENY
Kristóf MAGYAR
Benedek NAGY
Imre Richárd NAGY
Alexandra Júlia POP
Eszter SUSKÓ
Máté Balázs TOLVAJ


Has not submitted an appropriate application, therefore the following students are not registered as candidates in the election of the Assembly of the Delegates:

  • Boldizsár VÁMOSI (As indicated in Paragraph 81 Section (3) of the Election Regulations, it is necessary to fill out the header of the recommendation form. He filled out the header incompletely on two sheets. Also, instead of 181, he collected only 180 valid recommendations. This application is therefore not admissible.)
  • Fatma Nisar Ahmed KIYANI (All pages of the application must be signed by the applicants. She did not seal her motivation letter, CV and certificate of student status. This application is therefore not admissible.)
  • Stefanie MADZSAR (Pursuant to Paragraph 86 Section (4) of the Election Regulations, the application must include a student status certificate not older than 15 days. She did not attach this document. This application is therefore not admissible.)


Pursuant to Paragraph 91 Section (5) of the Election Regulations, the Presidium may propose to the students and order of support. This order of support can be submitted in a joint statement of at least 5 candidates (the half of the seats allocated), to the Electional Representative. The submission must be not later than the day following of the finalization of this decree. The proposed orders of support will be assigned a serial number by the Electional Representative, in the order of their submission. A candidate can join to an already submitted order.

Legal remedies:
Pursuant to Paragraph 95 of the Election Regulations, an appeal may be submitted against this decision. The appeal, the justification and the evidence supporting the application may be submitted in person at the Student’s Center’s office addressed to the Secretary of the Students’ Union until 3:00 pm on the 3rd (20th October 2021) working day following the publication of the decision. Public disclosure of the candidate through the NEPTUN System or the HÖK website is considered publication. In the absence of an appeal, the decision shall become final upon expiry of the time limit.
The deadline for appeals is 20th October 2021 at 15:00.
Office is open 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. on working days.


The voting period shall be at least 5 working days. The voting period shall begin no earlier than on the 8th day after the end of the nomination period, and no later than on the 10th day thereafter, on which date the last registration decision has become final. The Election Representative shall determine the beginning of the voting period no later than on the 2nd working day following the day on which the last decision on registration has become final.


If you have any questions regarding the election, please feel free to contact the Electional Representative or the Secretary via the e-mail address