The Electional Representative and Secretary of the Semmelweis University Students’ Union announce the 2021 election of the Assembly of Delegates accordingly to the Constitution of the Students’ Union.
According to Chapter XI appendix 4 paragraph 78 section (5) the nominator phase and the election phase are the parts of the elections.

Nominator phase: from 4th October 2021 8:00 am until 15th October 2021 2:00 pm. To be nominated one must file the documents below at 1089 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4. Students Center, office number 3, addressed to the Electional Representative.
To become nominated one must file an application accordingly to the calling for tender.

The application must include:
a) application form
b) Student’s confirmation document not older than 15 days
c) Curriculum Vitae
d) Motivational letter
e) a statement accordingly to 24.§ of the Constituiton of the SU
f) an office-bearer statement stating the he/she did not held office for four years
g) in case of a member of the Assembly Delegate member, recommodation from 181 active students of Semmelweis University.
The sealed application form and recommodation form can be required in the Student’s Center’s office number 3 on workdays between 8am and 2pm.
Each applicant must seal each page of their application with his/her signature.

Election phase starts online after the registration of the nominees via Neptun System. The first day of the election can be held on the 8th day following the end of the nominator phase.

Every student can be elected as a representative at the Assembly of Delegates who is an active student and filed his/her application until the deadline.
The elected representatives of the Assembly of Delegates will have president-electing right on the next elections as well.
According to the Constitution of the SU, 10 mandates will be distributed during the upcoming elections.

In case of having any questions turn to Electional Representative or Secretary with confidence by mailing to the following e-mail address: We wish all the best to evereyone!

Electoral Representative

Attila SZŰCS