Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 17 January 2022
507104 Total vaccines

As the summer vacation came to an end, the Presidency of the Students’ Union gathered yet again, though this time, paired with the Assembly meeting. There was a need for this, for certain positions became vacated and the applications sent in by students to fill these positions required evaluation. 

Firstly, the Vice President for Education, dr. Zsombor Matyas Papp was re-elected. He finished his education at the Faculty of General Medicine, but his legal status as a student was reinitiated due to the starting of his master’s degree at the Healthcare Management Training Center.

Second, a Vice President for Event Planning was elected, where a single application was sent in by Csenge Gecsey, who is a third-year student of the Faculty of Health and Public Administration. The voting was a result of the resignation of János Domonkos Stubnya, whose outstanding and humble work we are grateful for!

Last but not least, Mate Krebs was elected to be the Election Representative, who is a third-year student of General Medicine. Likewise, we give thanks to Anna Keskeny, who fulfilled this position in the previous period!

Congratulations to the three of you! We wish you success in your future work!


The Presidency meeting was held after the meeting of the Assembly of Delegates, where President Balint Tripolszky discussed the achievements of his first year of presidency. Following this, the Presidency members summarized current projects and plans in their appointed Faculties and Committees.