Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 07. August 2022
535278 Total vaccines

Following a long break, the Students’ Union could finally meet and have the Assembly gather in person. It was possible, as each member of the leadership received the vaccine against the coronavirus!

The session was unique because four members of ISSA and one individual from DSVS represented their organizations, all of whom we look forward to seeing in all of our future meetings!

The first point in the agenda was a report given by Anna Keskeny, the Electoral Representative, regarding the recent Assembly of Delegates elections. Afterward, Secretary Attila Szucs presented developments of the earlier period.  

The second topic on the agenda was the presentation and analysis of the results of the Student Consultation.

Shortly thereafter, our large-scale plan, namely the Green University Project, was discussed. The Senate will vote upon its initiation this month. This program, built by individual and broader elements, will hopefully fundamentally change life at Semmelweis University in a positive manner.

Felix Takacs, Vice President and the leader of the Social Committee, gave insight into the standing of the Schöpf-Mérei Ágost (social) scholarship’s application period. Csenge Gecsey és János Domonkos Stubnya from the  Epidemiological Committee gave a summary of their work and Zsombor Matyas Papp, Vice President of the Educational Committee, gave a brief recount about his committee.