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Online textbooks and notes project


The Students’ Union’s new, large-scale project is the creation of online textbooks and notes.

The University, as well as the Students’ Union, has inspected all options and decided that it would be the most beneficial to have their own system.

In the following points, I’d like to familiarize you with the project, or our plans:

  • The main purpose of the online books and notes is to create a platform where the students can access all textbooks and self-submitted notes from all faculties. As a result, it is no longer necessary to carry heavy books, plus it would be quite the ecofriendly option.
  • Under the “Outstanding Notes” project, adequate-quality-notes will be collected and shared followed by grant opportunities.
  • A compilation of lecturer’s slides and creation of easy-to-use notes, especially for the sake of the Faculty of Health Sciences.
  • It is within our hopes that access to the website will be only possible after SeKA verification, securing the site from non-authorized individuals. 
  • Regarding copyright issues, the help of lawyers would be implemented. We see various solutions for this area of uncertainty. 
  • From the students’ side, we see the possibility of improper doings. To combat this, we’d like to make files only viewable, rather than to be able to download. For example, take 
    the case of Netflix: for a set price, all content is available to the consumer, and we’d like to have a similar situation. It would be far more strenuous and time-consuming for one to screenshot and save each page than to simply subscribe to the service.
  •  The completed page will be analyzed for integration with the Semmelweis app, which was created by students of the Faculty of Public Health. 
  • Financial and cost-related questions will be addressed according to your needs; we want to grant you an opportunity that is well suited for what you need at the time being.