Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 23 January 2021
17364 Total vaccines
7334 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

The Electional Representative has made the decision about the starting date of the election and has drawn the order of the nominee’s names as it will be written on the ballot.

The Assembly of Delegates is the body of the Students’ Union whose members are directly elected by the students. We believe that it is very important to give every student the chance to use their democratic rights and to have a say in the operations of the organisation that is destined to represent you.

Each and every vote counts, hereby we can have a genuine image of the direction You, the voter want us to head to!

The elections will start on 2020 November 23rd at 08:00 am via Neptun’s UniPoll system.

The nominees will appear in the following order on the ballot:
Kreuter Patrik Krisztián
Völcsei Norbert
Móri Szabolcs
Keskeny György Árpád
Shayan Salehi Hajivandi
Artner Anna
Tolvaj Máté
Aldubai-Mohamed Moád
Palotás Lőrinc
Lumniczky Zalán
Maria Veloudo Mitropoulou
Gecsey Réka Csenge
Besenczi Benedek
Német Dorottya
Stubnya János Domonkos
Amirreza Alijanpourotaghsara
Winklerné Papp Anni Juliánna

Every active student has one vote. Votes can be cast either by approving the suggested ranking list of nominees or by suggesting a different ranking list of nominees. To suggest a ranking, you need to put the smallest number except 0 to the most prefered nominee and the highest number, that is not higher than the number of candidates, next to the least preferred nominee. The ballot is valid if the voter has filled it accordingly and each number only appears once.

Unlike the past years, this time there is no suggested preference list by the Presidium, therefore one can only vote by suggesting a ranking list by putting in the numbers for each nominee.

There are 12 seats available in the Assembly of Delegates. Each member becomes a presidential elector. The validity of the mandates last till the second regular elections official results come out (except for the special cases mentioned in the Electional Code).

During the electoral process the Electoral Representative will monitor the turnout, in order to make sure that the minimum participation rate criteria mentioned in law  CCIV. 2011. is met, which is 25%. The Electoral Representative will decide about the ending date of the election phase three days prior to the end of elections.


In case of any questions regarding the elections do not hesitate to send your questions to the Electoral Representative or the Secretary via email to

We reckon with your participation! 

Use your right to vote! Vote on the 2020 Assembly of Delegates elections!


Best regards,
Students’ Union