The Students’ Union held it’s first Zoom assembly meeting via Zoom during this academic year.

In the beginning Bálint Tripolszky, president expressed his gratitude toward Félix Takács, vice-chairman, for doing an amazing job as head of the Committee of Social Issues, for leading the committee and for executing the procedure of the social scholarship smoothly. After that he acknowledged  Zsombor Mátyás Papp for the undivided success of his initiation, the online pre-triage system. Last but not least the president appraised the efforts of the Epidemiological Committee.

During the second point of agenda, Dominik Máté Bíró introduced himself to the administration, as the freshly nominated assignee for the EUniWell project. He also reported the current state of the project and the recruitment. Later on Máté Tolvaj, vice-chairman responsible for internal operations told us about his plans to renew the Students’ Union recruitment procedure. Following him, Anna Artner, Head of Foreign Issues, and Adrián Veress, assignee for the German student body gave us an insight about the relaunching of the Language Clubs. After that we had a brain storming about launching a green university program, thus everyone agreed that environmental consciousness is an extremely improtant matter.

Finally we voted for the Employee of the Month, which due to the tight competition was given for two candidates again: Anna Keskeny, student of the Faculty of Health Sciences for her huge efforts made in the Communication Committee, and Ágnes Kinga Pál, medical student for the enormous job she did in the Committee of Social Issues. Congratulations for both of you!