The Administration of the Students’ Union gathered, while following safety measurements.

Bálint Tripolszky, president expressed his thankfulness for everyone’s work during the summer, inculding the Freshman’s Meeting and Freshman’s Camp also. Then he introduced that the upcoming assemblies are going to be organised via Zoom in every two weeks, taking nowaday’s events into consideration.

After this, Ádám Kapai, vice-chairman spoke about the meetings of the Epidemical Committee. A long debate was going on while discussing the possibilities for dormitories with infected students and their isolation. We will have further brainstorming in this topic, to find out the most satisfying proposals to introduce to Semmelweis University’s directorate. The next issue was the proper cleansing and disinfection of dormitories and university buildings. Later on we discussed the broadening of the capacity of PCR testing points. Until now 190 students applied for work as samplers and we covered future developments also. Then we talked about the potencial and safe entertainment facilities which we would like to create for the students.

Next point on the agenda stood for the Educational Committee, when Zsombor Papp, vice chairman and György Keskeny, assignee for E-learning presented their work to the administration. Anna Artner, head of foreign affairs and Adrián Veress, assignee of the German student body shared the results of the relation between the Students’ Union and foreign student organisations.

As the latest point the administration voted for the worker of the month, which – after a fashion – was given to two members: Anna Uri, student of PAK and Sándor Szilágyi from the Faculty of Medicine. Congratulations and thank you for the enduring work!