The Delegate Congress and the Senate unanimously acceptes the new Constitution of the Semmelweis University’s Students’ Union, that had gone through some modifications and got a few amendments also. Practical experiences had shown, that the old Constitution had bureaucratic barriers, which blocked the effectivity and function of the current Students’ Union. On this purpose the need of a new Constitution was clear.

According to the new Constitution the Student Government Subunits of Faculties are ceased, the President of the Union named Head of Faculties, having the task to help and represent the interests of students on the highest levels. Moreover, a new system of Responsibles of Years has been inducted. Purpose of this system is to solve a daily and recurrent problems of the students, and to develop communication between the students and the institutes, clinics.

The Internal Affairs Directorate of the Semmelweis University had already recommended the alteration of the Internal Affairs Committee of the Students’ Union, so a Secretary of Studens’ Union was introduced, which is a one-person autonomous body. Task of it is to overview, control the work of Students’ Union, and to develop transparency via organizing and sharing Legal Records and Protocols.

Also to reduce bureaucracy, a new position, the Electional Delegate has been created, as a one-person body. As the successor of the Electional Committee, basic task of it will be to transact elections according to the rules.

You can reach the new Constitution here.

Hopefully with the new modification of the Constitution, the work of our organization will become more effective, useful and transparent.