Semmelweis University General rules-study regulations 

Requirements to be observed for Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratory practices/year III and IV/

1) It is compulsory to be present on the practices.

2) Maximum 3 absences are acceptable. In case of a further absence the semester has to be repeated.

3) The practices begin and finish punctually. Latecomers can be sent home by the instructor.

4) You have to be prepared for the practices. Your preparation can be checked by the instructor at any time, without former notification, both in written and oral form. Unprepared students can be sent home by the instructor.

5) Scheduled project reports must be written on the designated practice. Students absent during scheduled project reports must retake them within a week.

6) A practical course grade can only be given to a student if  

  1. a) the average of the scheduled project reports is at least 2.00 and at least 2 of them must be passed;
  2. b) he/she accumulates the required minimum amount of points (min 50%) during practices;
  3. c) the number of the absences does not exceed the acceptable limit (25%).

7) After the end of the study programme the practical course grade can only be improved in the first week of the exam period.

8) A laboratory report must be kept about your work in the lab. All the examination results of the unknowns must be written into this and handed in by the end of the practice or until a deadline agreed with the instructor. Otherwise, no points will be rewarded for the practice.

Criteria for getting signature for the Pharmaceutical Chemistry I. (theory) subject (3rd year, new curriculum)

There are no specific criteria for getting signature for the Pharmaceutical Chemistry I. (theory) subject. Prerequisite is the practical mark and signature. The subject closes with a semi-final exam. The semi-final exam will be conducted in written form. During the written exam, the material of the lectures (structures, theory, practical aspects, calculations) will be asked.