Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 28 July 2021
350845 Total vaccines

Semmelweis University’s Scientific Council draws up the strategic decision concerning the scientific work at the University. It provides opinions on the legal proposals and other provisions in connection with scientific research, it facilitates the processes of awarding the various medals, rewards, research grants and scientific research aids, and it evaluates scientific proposals.

Contact person: Dr. Csenge Selényi


President of the Scientific Council  

Dr. Péter Ferdinandy
Professor, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation

Members of the Scientific Council

Dr. Zoltán Ungvári

Dr. Beáta Dávid Pethesné

Dr. Gabriella Dörnyei

Dr. Gábor Varga

Dr. György Bagdy

Dr. Ibolya Túri

Dr. Zoltán Benyó

Dr. Attila Szijjártó

Dr. Gyula Péter Szigeti

Dr. Balázs Győrffy