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Departmental lecture files (ppt, pdf) can be downloaded from “Lectures“ following login.

Course directors:

  • EM II., ED I-II.: Dr. Andrea D. Székely – e-mail
  • EM I., ETK (Faculty of Health Sciences): Dr. Sándor Katz – e-mail




Fac. Health Sci.

Faculty of Health Sciences:

Semester plan

Topics list of Human Anatomy

Elective courses

Elective courses:

Developmental Biology I.

Time and place of the first lecture: 12/09/2018, Thursday, 16.30 Huzella Lecture hall


The Study and Examination Policy (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy): 

For the electronic exam every student must have an access to the Semmelweis University E-learning (Moodle) site via “SeKA”. Help: Semmelweis University Central Authentication


Possibilities for individual repetition:

  • Histology: the digitalized Histology slides are available online through the Seka e-learning system.
  • Dissection room  –   Responsible: Dr. Katz Sándor, Dr. Lendvai Dávid
  • Anatomy Museum opening hours

List of recommended books:

  • Recommended Books for EM and ED

  • Recommended Books for EM ED (Atlases)

Humo Webatlas