Departmental lecture files (ppt, pdf) can be downloaded from “Lectures“ following login.

Course directors:

  • EM II., ED I-II.: Dr. Andrea D. Székely – e-mail
  • EM I., ETK (Faculty of Health Sciences): Dr. Sándor Katz – e-mail


Exams in August:

August exam period announcements 2020 (EM II, EDI, EDII)

August exam period announcements 2020 EM I

Download, print and fill the form in, this declaration must be given to the technicians upon entering the Anatomy Building (if no printer is available you have to fill it in before class):
Anatomy_Pretriage_English (corr)
(or word format: Anatomy_Pretriage_English (corr) )








Distance learning


Information on the new coronavirus


Info on Distance learning:

The second semester will continue with week 7 starting Monday, March 23, following the Spring Break held between March 16-22. Until further notice the University has to introduce distance learning to aid the studies and to offer a platform for continuous discussions concerning the weekly topics.
Lecture notes will be uploaded in Moodle.
Zoom meetings ( will be held during the time of the classes (histology/microscopical anatomy and macroscopical anatomy/dissecting room class). The link needed to join your class can be obtained from your teacher (at the beginning of distance learning) or at the Moodle site of the subject.
In case of any problem please contact your teacher or the tutor of the course.

Detailed information:

Exam and competition announcements:

Revised curriculum, announcements:

EM I Macroscopic anatomy, neuroanatomy midterm test

EM I Macro weekly curriculum from the 7th week
EM I Micro weekly curriculum from the 7th week

EM II distance learning announcement
Online teaching schedule EM II 2020. 03.23.


ED I distance learning announcement
Online teaching schedule ED I macro2 and micro 1 2020. 03.23.

ED II distance learning announcement
Online teaching schedule ED II 2020. 03.23.






ED I. / ED II.

Med. Imag. Anat.

Medical Imaging subject Anatomy module





Tutor (Course director): Ágnes Csáki associate professor
Coordinator: Katalin Kocsis assistant professor

Fac. Health Sci.

Elect. cours.

Elective courses:


Developmental Biology II.

Time and place of the first lecture: 06/02/2020, Thursday, 16.30 Huzella Lecture hall


Clinical Anatomy

The lectures will be held at the Huzella’s lecture hall on Mondays (Anatomy building 2nd floor) from 4.10 p.m. First lecture: FEBRUARY 10



The Study and Examination Policy (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy): 

For the electronic exam every student must have an access to the Semmelweis University E-learning (Moodle) site via “SeKA”. Help: Semmelweis University Central Authentication

Possibilities for individual repetition:

  • Histology: the digitalized Histology slides are available online through the Seka e-learning system.
  • Dissection room  –   Responsible: Dr. Katz Sándor, Dr. Lendvai Dávid
  • Anatomy Museum opening hours

List of recommended books:

  • Recommended Books for EM and ED

  • Recommended Books for EM ED (Atlases)

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