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The Anatomy Museum is the very own, permanent exhibition of the Institute of Anatomy which was built between 1896 and 1898. The visitors of the Museum are mainly the students of Semmelweis University however it has a fairly amount of individuals coming to see it out of general interest as well. In this exhibition the visitors have a chance to get to know such specimen as the vein preparations of Jozsef Lenhossek, the deformed foetuses or a part of the University’s skull collection which had been all made decades before the building itself was built. The Museum showed for tens of years the skull of the famous Hungarian highwayman, Sandor Rozsa as well as a female wax figure which was given by Jozsef II. for the Museum. This wax model shows the beautifully detailed lymphatic circulation of the body. These precious, historical pieces can still be seen in other Museums of the capital.


“The products of Jozsef Lenhossek about the pelvic venous plexus and the preparation of the central nervous system by Leo Davida are rarities of science history. The preparations of the heart by the colleague of the University, Ferenc Kadar are part of the history of the Institute as well.” (Description of dr Ferenc Hajdu from the Centenarian Yearbook of the Anatomy Institute)


Learning in the Museum


Dr. Baksa Gábor

Head of the Museum