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1st Midterm – EM I Macroscopic Anatomy and Embryology

EM I     Macroscopic Anatomy and Embryology I.   The 1st midterm examination will be held on the 2nd practical class of Week7.  TIME AND PLACE:       GROUPS                    TIME                        DAY                                    DISSECTION ROOM EM 7-12                     10.00 October 19. (Tuesday)                         1st floor EM 1-6                       12.45 October 20. (Wednesday)                    …


About the Casecenter overloads

Dear Students, In recent days, you have experienced frequent overloads of Case Center. We investigated the situations and found that after the available licenses (slots) were run out, the next student was put to the waiting list. Unfortunately, some students tried to bypass the list using external programs, resulting in an overload attack, which made …

Admission/entry to the department will change

Admission/entry to the department will change from December 2, 2019 As of December 2, 2019 a new security system will be introduced on the premises of the Anatomy/Pathology block. Please note, that the passage through the yard of the Pathology/Forensic Science Department (leading to/from Üllői út) will be permanently closed. Therefore the basement entrance to …


Anatomy Museum

– for students only –
Anatomy Museum opening hours in August 2015
Students without tutor have to leave the museum during lunch time!

Our Anatomy Museum offers to our students the possibilityto study

bones and
plastinated specimens (for student identity card).

Anatomy Museum: opens again

Reopening of the Museum for Semmelweis students – from 25th Oct 2021 Opening hours: monday, wednesday, friday: 10.00-16.00 – lunch break: 12.00-12.30 (tuesday, thursday, 1st Nov: closed) On the 5th Nov 2021 (friday): closed. Learning in the Museum Our Anatomy Museum offers to our students the possibility to study bones (e.g. skull, vertebrae) and plastinated …

Anatomy, Histology and Embryology Competition for EM II.

Anatomy, Histology and Embryology Competition for 2nd Year English Medical Students
Only those students can attend the competition who achieved at least 4 on the first and second midterms (NOT the average of them!).
Date and time: December 7th at 4.30 p.m.
Details here.

Casecenter Update

Dear Students
The server for the histology sections will be updated today. The update is supposed to be silent, but in case of errors a longer (max. 1,5 hours) timeout is possible.
Thank you for your patience.
Gergely Cséplő
IT admin


Competition 2017


The 2nd round of the competition took place on 5th May 2017:



Possibilities for individual learning and repetition:   Dissection room: EM I, ED I-II: Dissection room consultations (possibilities for individ. repetition) for the exams EM II: Dissection room consultations (possibilities for individ. repetition) for the exams Responsible: Dr. Katz Sándor, Dr. Lendvai Dávid Histology:  due to the Histology digitalization, from December 2017 there are no more consultations (the slides are available online ). …

Demonstrator (TA) courses 2020/21/1

Demonstrator (TA) courses for students of the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry (1 or 2 credit courses) The Department of Anatomy is looking for new Demonstrators for the 2020/2021 academic year. Demonstrators, or Teaching assistants (TAs), are respected student instructors of the Department who work in association with Faculty Members in the Dissection Room or …

Dr. Görcs, Tamás +

Dr. Tamás Görcs (1949 – 2014), our private professor has died on 14 Jan 2014, at the age of 65 after serious illness.
He made scientific research work in our department, later was the tutor of English and German student groups.

Dr. Tömböl, Teréz +

Prof. Teréz Tömböl, our Professor Emerita has died on 7 April 2015, at the age of 91.
She spent nearly 60 years in our department with teaching and scientific research, was the tutor of English and German student groups.

Drone photos about us

At the beginning of spring, some stunning aerial photos (“superior aspect”) about the Anatomy building were taken. We have never seen our building from these aspect before…
Photos: Jendrik Becker-Assmann, March 22nd 2017

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