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EM I: Sample test for the semifinal exam (pdf)

Anatomy Handbooks: EM I –  ED I –  ED II

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István Apáthy Foundation: PREPARATION COMPETITION FOR GRANT – 2017

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EM I.: Schedule –  Subject matter Histology slidesAnnouncementsDr. Nemeskéri: Histology Manual (for the first weeks) – The full, paper version of the Histology Manual (Basic Tissues for EM I.) is available in the Department (II. floor, Room 20, in the office of of Apáthy Foundation, 2.200 Ft)

ED I.: Schedule –  Subject matterHistology slidesAnnouncements

ED II.: Schedule –  Subject matterHistology slides Announcements

List of recommended books (lists from 2015):

To download new lectures: website of the former Humanmorphology Dept.

To download archive lectures (from previous semesters): Knowledgebase site

Useful material:

Final exam Histology Slides and the list of these slides. (The images and the list were created in 2001 by prof. Réthelyi.)