6 Week Elective Practice (240 hours)

Uzsoki Hospital (UUK)

Uzsoki Hospital (UUK)

Applications are welcome until 16:00 on 11.07.2022 at the email address: trauma_office@med.semmelweis-univ.hu.

Please address your application to Klara Seregi. The application should include a short letter of motivation and a statement of your area of interest within traumatology. The institution will assess applications on a professional basis and not in order of application.

The institution will consider and reply to applications at 16:00 on 13/07/2021.

In Neptun, students will be registered by the Department of Traumatology.


Please go the the Orthopedic-Traumatology Department’s conference room at 7:30 on the first day of practice where you will meet your preassigned tutor.

Location: Uzsoki Hospital, Orthopedic-Traumatology Department’s conference room, Building D, ground floor (Address: 1145 Budapest, Uzsoki utca 29-41). Please be punctual, as arriving late will be disturbing for the morning conference.

Prior to begining your practice (at the latest, by the previous Friday until noon), students must electronically (trauma_office@med.semmelweis-univ.hu ) present the following documentation to the department in order to be allowed to start your practice:

  • student contract (Please save, print, fill with personal details, sign and send it to us via email in a good quality. We print only 1 copy and on request we send it via email too.)
  • occupational health certificate from within 1 year. The certificates from last year will be accepted for an additional 90 days, since the university extended the deadlines. Please send that page on which we can see the student’s name too not just the result.
In order to begin your practice, the institution requires the following from you:
  • Each student must bring with themselves their student ID card.
  • valid vaccination certificate proving that the student has received the 3rd vaccination against Covid
  • or valid vaccination certificate proving that the student has received the second vaccination (and at least 14 days have passed since the 2nd vaccination until the start of practice). If 14 days have not passed since the second vaccination, or the student has only received one vaccination, they will need to provide a certificate of a negative PCR/antigen test issued not more than one day before starting practice. OR document certifying contraction of, and recovery from, coronavirus infection within the last 3 months

Please bring a white cloak with you for the practice. The use of a mask is obligatory!

Use this attendance sheet during the practice and send it to our email address after it:


For the internship at the Uzsoki Hospital, please use the following attendance sheet and syllabus (1-1 attendance sheet and a syllabus for each week), which you should sign and stamp at the end of the internship and send them all (12) to the departmental email address, so that we can record the signatures in Neptun for you. Please keep the weekly attendance sheets and syllabus, ask your tutor to sign and stamp those at the end of each week, keep those till the end of the practice period and send them together to our department’s email address.


Practice in abroad

Documents to start traumatology practice – in abroad


Documents after traumatology practice – in abroad

Please send to us the Certificate and syllabus via email at latest 3 day before the traumatology exam.