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Zoom use etiquette

The same rules that normally apply to the lectures and seminars of the University also apply to distance education. However, given the special features of online education we must set up some new rules that are especially important in the current situation.
Distance education is an interactive process that requires the active participation of students. Therefore, please turn your cameras on during the online seminars of the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes.
Participate actively during the seminars, speak up, ask questions! Only switch your microphone on when you are talking so that background noises do not disturb the seminar.
If you are not alone in the room, use a headset.
When you want to speak, raise your hand or use the „Raise hand” Zoom function (whichever is to be used in your seminar)
Please stay indoors during the classes, preferably in a secluded, quiet part of the apartment!
If you cannot separate yourself from others or if you don’t want to show where you are, use a background image. This should be a neutral image (e.g. room interior, natural setting). Do not use a constantly changing image such as a GIF.
Whenever possible, use devices with a stable internet connection (e.g. cable internet instead of wifi or mobile data or a PC, laptop or tablet instead of a cell phone).
You can temporarily use your cell phone if you are experiencing technical difficulties with the computer, camera or microphone. This way, you can join the class even during technical issues.
If you have to temporarily participate in class without a working camera, speak up frequently during class. If your microphone is not working, use the chat function to be ’heard’
Do not join a class from multiple devices. This may cause many problems, for instance the software may put your devices into different Breakout Rooms.
Log in from your own device and do not log in in small groups. Firstly, for formal reasons (zoom report about participation); secondly, to enable active, individual participation.
Please log in for each Zoom session with your own name. Do not use the name of family members, friends, famous people, politicians, etc.
In class, wear an outfit you would consider appropriate for an in-person appearance at a university classroom.
During the class, concentrate on the material only. Do not use your phone, do not write texts, do not chat, do not tend to your pets and do not eat!
Do not share the Zoom invitation or the access codes with the class. If you do, unauthorized people can join the classes. If your lecturer records the class and shares it with you, do not share this recording with third parties because this infringes on privacy rights.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Lecturers of the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes