Language credit courses offered to students

Courses in medical, pharmaceutical, dental and health care English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Hungarian. Terminological courses in medical, pharmaceutical, dental and health care language. Scientific writing for PhD students. 2 credits each.

Language courses offered to employees

Field specific courses for instructors of the medical, dental and pharmaceutical faculties in English and German. Courses of presentation skills and general English are available from the Faculty of Health Sciences. General English courses are also available to our administrative staff.

Demonstrator (i.e. teaching assistant) program

We offer a Demonstrator (i.e. teaching assistant) program in which our demonstrators assist language instructors in preparing for the language courses as well as during classes, focusing on the authentic simulation of situations where languages for medical purposes are used. We also offer courses for the simulation of medical situations between health care professionals and patients, primarily. In our Language Club, students can practice their foreign language skills with native speakers via authentic health care situations. We also plan to implement an international film club.

Intercultural communication

We offer a specific course in intercultural communication to our students and we aim to focus on intercultural communication in each of our English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian language courses. We also focus on intercultural communication skills in our Medical Translator and Interpreter postgraduate program as well as in our English Language Medical Communication Program. For our medical, dental and pharmaceutical students, we present intercultural communication elements within the framework of the Hungarian Medical Language course. We prepare students participating in one of our mobility programs (Stipendium Hungaricum, Erasmus, etc.) for intercultural communication that can occur during their training and in health care situations. Our students can also participate in internships abroad. In the framework of the Inter-Comprehension Program, intercultural elements are emphasized in Romance and Germanic languages.