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Cardiovascular and metabolic research group




MicroRNAs (20-15 base-long non-coding RNAs) are crucial for numerous biological and pathological processes. In ischemia expression of several miRNAs are altered (e.g. miRNA-21), and thus the protein expression pattern of the heart is thoroughly influenced. Previously we found that overexpression (microRNA-139-5p, microRNA-125b*) or suppression (microRNA-487b) of certain miRNAs induce cardioprotection in isolated cardiomyocytes. Therefore, it is plausible that other miRNAs might also play a role in various forms of cardioprotection. In these investigations, we will identify miRNAs that are involved in clinically relevant cardioprotective interventions (e.g. ischemic postconditioning or remote ischemic perconditioning) in rodent and large animal models of acute ischemia/reperfusion injury. Furthermore, based on our findings we will develop a novel therapeutic strategy that involves miRNA-modulation.