Student Research is performed in our Department according to local and university-level regulations in the framework of announced courses.
The Student performs his research activities as a member of a  research group under the supervision and guidance of one or more project leader(s).

Courses related to Student Research with credit points:

1. Bevezetés a farmakológiai kutatásokba/Introduction to pharmacological research course (“Science Club”; 2 credits)

The course is announced every semester and is held in English.

Requirements for taking the course:

  • Being a student of a university
  • For SU students completed or at least parallel attendance of courses Medical biochemistry I. & II. and Medical physiology I. & II.
  • For non-SU students an average above 4.0 in the last two semester
  • Taking the “TDK Work” (undergraduate research) course prior or parallel to the course.

Requirements for completion:

  • Referring one scientific paper, for which a date is secured until the 2nd week in the semester.
  • missing a max of 3 classes.
  • successful completion of tests after presentations.

2.   TDK Work course (1 credit)

Requirements for taking the course:

  • Mark 4 or 5 at biochemistry and/or physiology for SU students (for students with exceptional qualities the proposed project leader can apply for exemption)
  • For non-SU students the proposed project leader evaluates the applicant’s grades
  • Attendance at the Science Club classes
  • Signing of non-disclosure agreement
  • Registering with the Semmelweis University’s Student’s Scientific Association

Requirements for completion:

  • As per university-level regulations
  • Activities performed for at least 4 hours weekly
  • Choosing project leader until the 6th week of the semester
  • Regular participation to the Science Club every semester: max 3 classes missed in a semester. Exemption can be given in individual cases based on a written application. The student’s tutor should write a letter for the course leaders (Z Zádori and Z Giricz) until the first class of the Science Club.

Further related activities:

Teacher’s assistance (demonstrators)

Thesis work

Requirements for application:

  • Doing research at the department in the topic of the thesis
  • signing of non-disclosure agreement