Teacher’s assistance (demonstrators)

Current or past Research Students with best grades have the opportunity to participate to the teaching of pharmacology in our Department as a Teacher’s assistant (TAs or demonstrators). TAs participate in giving seminars under the supervision and guidance of our senior teachers.

As TAs, students gather experience on the beauties and challenges of teaching pharmacology, which is advantageous for their career independent of their vocation or position. Furthermore, by preparing themselves for the seminars TAs can further expand and contextualize their knowledge on pharmacology, which is invaluable for their clinical skills.

Requirements for application:

  • As per University-level regulations
  • Mark 4 or 5 at pharmacology
  • Advantage: being a TDK student at the institute and prior completion of the Introduction to pharmacological research course

Requirements of being a TA:

  • regular participation in teaching and in the special Education meetings at the department
  • contribution to the development of the curriculum